Government Jackasses Doing What They Do Best ….. Regulating Us To Death!!! A Call To Beer Drinkers, Farmers, And The Unemployed!!!! Call Your Congressman!!!!

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Every person who had a part in this asinine rule needs to be publically humiliated and physically punished.

Regulation Nation: Breweries fight back against new government grain rules

A fight is brewing between American beer makers and the federal government over happy hour … for cows.

For centuries, brewers have given or sold the leftover grain from the brewing process to local ranchers and dairy farmers for cattle feed. But new regulations proposed by the Food and Drug Administration threaten to end that relationship.

“The whole brewing community was shocked about it,” said Josh Deth, co-owner of Revolution Brewing in Chicago, Ill.

Deth, whose title is “Chairman of the Party,” says it’s always been a great deal for both sides. The ranchers get the grain, and the brewers get those leftovers removed from their facilities for free.

“We’re trading, giving something of value to each other and working it out…

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