Buh Bye!!!!! Good Riddance … And Please Go Back To Where You Came From And Not Kansas!!!!

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Yes, she was governor of Kansas …. yes, it turns out we have our share of brain-dead imbeciles in this state, too. But, she’s not from Kansas, and she wasn’t raised in Kansas.

HHS Secretary Sebelius resigning, on heels of ObamaCare rollout

You can read the link if you like, but, it just says what we all know. The loser is leaving because she’s an utter failure, and an embarrassment. But, she’s a leftard, so, she lived up to what anyone could possibly expect from a leftard.

She brags about 7.5 million people signing up for Zerocare …. LOL!!!! Half of that is from the expansion of Medicare in some states and the other half is some of the poor saps who lost their insurance because of Zerocare. …… All this bull$hit to cover 1% of the population and to bankrupt half the states in a few years. And some…

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