Renewable Energy Fad Technologies Just Don’t Work

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Edit Note: Well, how cool!!! Ask, and ye shall receive! I asked for guest posts and Bruce was kind enough to give me a couple! I’ve got things I have to do and reading is a bit much today, so, without further ado …..

Guest post by Bruce of Newcastle

Renewable Energy Fad Technologies Just Don’t Work


Oceanlinx prototype wave generator rusting off Port Kembla (link)

News here in Australia yesterday was that another renewable energy startup has gone bankrupt. Oceanlinx was recipient of perhaps $10 million in grants for development of wave power units. Their first prototype is slowly decaying just offshore of Port Kembla, and their second demonstration unit sank last month while being towed to the test site. Now the company has called in the receivers and the shareholders look to have done their dough.

The same has famously happened to dozens of renewable…

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