These Lunatics Hurt My Head!!!! Shock News!!!! Manufacturing Up In March From February!!!

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US manufacturing expanded more quickly in March

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. manufacturing grew at a slightly . Manufacturers also received more orders, suggesting that production could strengthen a bit in the months ahead.

Morons …. on month to month, March always out-produces February. There’s like a gadzillion reasons why in the micor, but, the best reason is because it’s warmer!!!! Always!!!!

Propane and gas prices tend to start lowering. The requirements of heat are less. People, especially construction workers and farmers can do more …. and as they do more, so too does the orders for the equipment and material for them to do more. As toward severe weather, tornado season is starting. That doesn’t stop us from doing. Neither does the heat in July and August. Cold stops things.

I find this interesting …..

The Institute for Supply Management, a group of purchasing managers, said Tuesday that its manufacturing…

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