Where’s The Apology To The “Other” Race? Ignorance, Hate, And Racism Demonstrated By Leftist Ebony

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Well, time and posts are short today, so, I thought I’d elucidate and comment on some typical leftarded hate, ignorance and racism demonstrated, and continuing to be demonstrated by Ebony.

The man pictured above is Raffi Williams. Anyone with an ounce of political awareness knows that’s Juan Williams’ son. Raffi is the Deputy Press Secretary of the Republican National Committee (RNC). I’m sure it makes for great holiday conversation in the Williams’ homes.

As you may have heard, Raffi tried to engage a senior Ebony editor on Twitter. The impetus was because the idiot editor was babbling about crap she knew nothing about and stated she didn’t want to know what she did.

Nice. But, it gets even dumber. In response to a person about this she has this to Tweet ….

Isn’t that nice? A senior editor of Ebony wants to know less about a magazine put out…

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