Suyts Introduces Shocking New Concept!!!! With Freedom Comes Responsibility!!!!

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It was a Brit study, but, I’m certain the results would be about the same anywhere they allowed access.

Hey, turns out, the internets are a worse baby sitter than the TV was!!! Weird, right?

Presently, the internet is an expression of freedom. Near literally, you can get anything you want on the internet. It’s like the real world, only quicker. In the real world, we wouldn’t dream of giving children total freedom. That’s why we don’t issue them driver licenses and the like. That’s why we only allow the older children to vote. So, why in the world would you turn your children loose on the internet? And, no, parental controls are only a tool. They don’t supplant real-world parental supervision. But, most importantly, what you need to take the most care in, is that the internet doesn’t supplant child rearing.

Raise your child properly. Actually be engaged with…

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