Explains A lot ….. Doctor My Eyes

suyts space

So, I’ve just returned from the eye doc ….. and I’ve an explanation for my eye difficulties. And, explains some other things. Usually my response to adversity is to try harder. Yes, I’m one of the guys who will bloody himself going through a wall rather than go around, if I believe the best path is where the wall happens to be. Oddly, trying harder doesn’t fix visual acuity. As it turns out, I’ve developed cataracts in both eyes. The worse being in my good one. My left eye never was very good. Doc says I should have surgery tomorrow.

Meanwhile, for today, doc put a bunch of crap in my eyes, and now I’m seeing even worse than usual. The bad news is I’ve just started a job. ….. funny stuff, it requires good visual acuity, so they hired the blind guy! 😀 So, I’ll have to discuss with…

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