Dems, Once Again Worry About An Impossible Event

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Just like the imaginary climate change idiocy, Dems in Cali are worried about something which history tells us will not happen.

There’s absolutely no chance of the Cali electorate swinging to allow a GOP majority in either house. Even if it did, it wouldn’t change anything there. The GOP in Cali are somewhere left of Mao.

The fact is, the people of Cali have been shown how corrupt their elected leaders are. They’ve been shown for years. They keep electing them because Dems don’t care about morality, ethics, or standards of conduct. They will continue to elect morally depraved people until they’re confronted with arrests and the like. And, even after that, they’ll elect other morally depraved people. In fact, there are some places in Cali which decrying the concept of morality is a prerequisite to being elected. That’s just they way they roll.

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