Thank You Captain Obvious ……. Romney Speaks About US’ Declining “Respect” Abroad

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That’s because there isn’t one.

Appearing Tuesday night on with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, former presidential candidate and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney analyzed the current stand-off with Russia and America’s standing in the world under President Obama’s leadership.

“It’s hard to name a single country that holds America in more esteem and respect than when the President took office five years ago. around the world and the President has to account for that. I think ultimately the historians will,” Romney said. Some people around the world want to oppress other people and expand territory and take from the resources of other people, that’s what’s happening. The Jihadists want to do that, clearly Russia is intent on doing that and there are others as well.”

It’s not as simple as Romney puts it. But, it is an obvious statement of fact. “Hard Power” is what I believe the Prince referred to…

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