Gems 2014 — March 25 Scripture Selection: Acts 23

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

March 25 Scripture Selection: Acts 23

Food for Thought: Acts 23:5

This is a tough one that we will tackle today. But before we do, let’s read Ex. 22:28, Eccl. 10:20, 2Pet. 2:10, and Jude 8, in addition to the Food for Thought.

I think there is a fine, distinguishing line between being critical of a leader’s policies and actions and speaking evil or cursing the person. The Lord encourages us in His Word to judge the fruit and discern from people’s words and actions just who they are (Mat. 7:16-18). It is impossible not to notice it. However, one can step over that line when the words become hateful. That happens when one is led by the flesh and not by the Spirit, something the worldly godless can only do since they are not porters of the Spirit, and Christians can do out of…

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