Now We Know The Reason We Can’t Find The Missing Airliner ……. Climate Change!!!!

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I haven’t written about the missing jet, and I didn’t intend to, but, now, we see this ……

One Reason It May Be Harder to Find Flight 370: We Messed Up the Currents

You can read through the jackass sophistry if you wish, but, just know they’re blaming the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. It’s decreasing its diameter, slightly, and lately. No, no one on earth can possibly know what’s causing it, but, some suspect it’s because of the ozone “hole” changing in the Antarctic. Which, of course, is an entirely different subject from atmospheric CO2. I do recall some imbecilic paper adding that as an issue for the Current, but, it was all conjecture, like all climate science is. No one knows whether or not the Circumpolar Current moving is natural or not, and no one knows whether or not the change in the ozone hole is natural or not. I…

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