Gems 2014 — March 24 Scripture Selection: Acts 22

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

March 24 Scripture Selection: Acts 22

Food for Thought: Acts 22:25-29

Your citizenship is important! Once, while in another country outside an American embassy, my citizenship got me to the front of a very long line of people trying to get in to process paperwork. When I realized that territory belonged to my country and that I had a right to enter there freely, I walked up to the marine, flashed my passport, and entered. Citizenship comes with certain rights and privileges.

Paul knew that, too. His Roman citizenship prevented him from being scourged when the chief captain commanded it. But there is another, more important, citizenship that we must all keep in the forefront of our minds: our citizenship in the Kingdom of the most high God. It also comes with very particular and precious rights, if we invoke them in faith.

We have…

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