Democrat Preacher Of Hate Dies …. Fred Phelps

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By now, most of you know Phelps has gone to meet his Maker. But, what is never mentioned is the fact that Phelps was a Democrat. Breitbart notes this today ….

Phelps was himself an occasional candidate. In the Kansas Democratic U.S. Senate primary in 1992, Phelps got 31% of the vote against Gloria O’Dell, who got 69%. She eventually lost to Republican Sen. Bob Dole.

Another thing which isn’t often stated is the fact that he was excommunicated by the church he started. Though I have no idea why. As far as I know, they continue to engage in their message of hate.

Now, before people start commenting, I would remind people that he did father children who were able to get away from his message of hate, and regardless of what they thought about his actions, some still cared deeply about their dad.

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