A Win For The Good Guys!!!! Court Decides For Mike Adams!

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This is nice news for a change. Academia took a hit today in their war against free thought and expression!

Victory for Academic Freedom: Jury Rules UNC-Wilmington Retaliated Against Conservative Professor

For the long and short of this, Dr. Mike Adams won a court case because UNC-Wilmington discriminated against Adams for his discourse on social issues. If you’re a social conservative and don’t know who Dr. Adams is, you should. By trade, he’s a criminology professor. But, his writings advancing social conservatism are, IMO, beyond what one can imagine. He does what all social conservatives should do, but, rarely do. He takes morality to an intellectual argument.

He goes well beyond what I can, but, I’ll simply say this ….. we are not moral for morality’s sake, but, rather, there is a societal good in pursuit of morality, and a huge societal harm when morality is rejected. I intend to…

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