Failed And Quitting Space Explorers Try Their Hand At History … And Fail There, As Well

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Here’s How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse

From there, you don’t need to read any further, because everyone with an ounce of sense knows what is printed above is a lie.

There’s probably more people convinced of the ensured and ensuing demise of Western civilization than who are not. Indeed, this has been foretold for centuries and has continued unabated since even before Gibbons. More to the point, millions of Romans knew full well the end was near and said so, and wrote so, as did any of the Mesopotamian societies. The failure rests with listening to the wrong people. We all know we’re circling the drain, it’s just that many refuse to see what to do about it …… and there are many, sadly, who relish it happening. Such are the lunatics of NASA, and National Journal.

I’ve plenty more to say on this, but, I’ve got to eat…

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