Lunatics Decree Climate Change (Read Energy Use) To Cause Famine!!! Real World Data Decrees They Should Be Committed!!!!!

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So, I was directed to Steve’s and I caught a glimpse of this …..

Bryan Walsh Hoping to Be The Next Paul Ehrlich

From there, Steve shows us this ……

Climate Change Could Cause the Next Great Famine |

Ehrlich, of course, is one of the famous misanthropists, famous mostly because they’ve been entirely wrong their entire lives. The misanthropist cult groups are obsessed with doomsday scenarios. The latest incarnation is the stupidity over our atmospheric CO2 levels, but, more precisely, is their obsession and opposition to human prosperity and productivity. They despise it. So, they’ve created a scary bedtime story for children and simpletons. Their notion is our energy use is causing the world to hot up (by about 1 degree) and from that catastrophe strikes!!! Other than their basic misunderstanding of energy, physics, and math, is that they absolutely refuse to look at real live data.


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