Well, I Can At Least See That Climate Nutters Are Still Spewing Red Herrings And Being The Cloddish Simpletons We Know Them To Be …..

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So Tammy, over at Closed Mind, wrote a post about New Mexico’s snow pack ……. well, it really wasn’t about the snow pack, it was about casting dispersions, which , is all alarmists are really good for. They’re the ultimate purveyors of FUD.

I haven’t ran down his claims about Curry or Parsons, and I won’t. It’s a waste of time. I would bet, however, that Tammy’s interpretations of the facts would widely vary from a normal and rational person’s view. That’s said, I wanted, rather, to focus on this hand-waving bit of lunacy.

His post starts off like this ……

Senator Heinrich of New Mexico mentioned the declining snowpack in his home state during the senate’s recent all-night session about man-made climate change.

He was criticized in a comment at WUWT by Bill Parsons, who claimed ……..

LOL!!! So, now Tammy is trolling comments in WUWT for someone…

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