We Weren’t There Yet ….. Late Growth Spurt For Arctic Ice

suyts space

A couple of days ago, I asked if we had hit the Arctic sea ice max, yet. Apparently, we hadn’t. The ice has taken a bit of a spurt and has now moved beyond the average for the last ten years.


On this, I graphed the sea ice extent from Jan 1 through March so the readers can see the variance in the dates for when we hit our max. Again, we see how ludicrous the mass hysteria over the Arctic ice has been. There is no accelerating death spiral. That was all part of a bunch of lunatics’ overactive imaginations. From this, it looks to me like the lowest max was in 2006 …… eight years ago.

All of those sophist and idiotic calculations of assumptions stacked upon assumptions based upon things they couldn’t possibly know, but, were so damned sure they were correct, were wrong. As it turns…

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