Well, It’s Back!!!! White Rage!!!! …… Oh, Never Mind, It’s Just the Irish ….

suyts space


Well, my eyes still aren’t quite there, yet. The spirit is willing,but the body ……

Still, there are things out there which don’t require much from me. For instance, we see this from Newsbusters.

This would be a funny piece if it wasn’t so pathetic and bigoted. But, even beyond that, It makes one wonder if these lunatics have ever watched a full show of Hannity or O’Reilly. One can characterize both in many ways. But, neither can be seen as any real expression of “rage”. I’ve seen rage before, I’ve experienced rage before. Hannity is not rage, and neither is O’Reilly’s show. Sure, sometimes they’re bombastic, but, then, neither hold a candle to the inciting and hateful rhetoric of the left.

You want some examples of some idiot white guys expressing rage, all you have to do is check out the leftards of LSM. Mathews and Schultz are the…

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