Zero, The Babbling Imbecile…… Don’t Pay Your Cell Phone And TV Bills So You Can Afford The “Affordable” Care Act

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ama: drop your cable TV and cell phones, and maybe you can afford my health care plan

Remember when Barack Obama used to boast that Affordable Care Act plans would be cheaper than cable-TV or cell phone service? It wasn’t that long ago. “For a lot of people, it will be cheaper than your cell phone bill,” he said during a radio interview last August.

This is coming from a guy who felt the need for cell phone access was so important that he gave $millions of the tax-payers money away in that very pursuit. This is the same guys spending $millions more of our money on ads on TV for Zerocare. Well, which is it?

Essentially Zero is declaring failure. He’s asking Americans to lower their standard of living in order to afford the impositions of Zerocare.

This babbling stupidity comes from a fundamental lack of understanding about what…

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