An Update On The Sparse Posting …… Plus Tips and Random Conversation

suyts space

No, don’t worry, I anticipate being back full bore tomorrow or the next day.

The other day I shared that I was fighting a bit of a bug….. well, I was/am, but, as it turns out, this is probably brought about by getting about 4 hrs of sleep a night for a few weeks. And, now, I’ve a bit of eye strain. I can’t really read right now without a magnifying glass even with the screen at 150% and when one enlarges the print that big, it’s a pain to ready beyond the point of going mad.

So, something had to give, and it turns out my non-paying gig is the better candidate. Again, not to worry, things are fine and nothing but a little sleep and a couple of days without readings so much, and things should be right as rain.

I don’t mean to share this much personal…

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