Why Repubs And Libertarians Should Be Optimistic About The Future ….. And LOL @ Dems!!!

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This is from the Daily Beast …..

Millennials Unfriend Democrats

Republicans can’t win over the generation that’s liberal on most social and economic issues, but Democrats can’t seem to win them back.

The Republican Party’s struggles to win the votes of the Millennial generation are no secret, but Democrats shouldn’t break out the champagne: America’s youngest voting generation isn’t in love with either party.

In both the 2008 and 2012 elections, young voters broke for President Obama by historic margins and carried their Democratic lean down-ballot. This big swing toward Democrats wasn’t just the product of young people always leaning more liberal but reflected a more monumental shift toward generational fault-lines in politics that would favor the left in the future.

The Pew Research Center has rolled out a major new report on the Millennial generation, confirming the continuation of a number of big trends: Millennials are less likely to…

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