WaPo Spews Absurdities While Crying About Their Failure In Battling Climate Change

suyts space


No, the picture isn’t really related. I was looking for a visual help with warmcold when i saw this and thought I should post it.

So, WaPo is going all defeatist on their Quixotic quest to fix our weather. Of course, they don’t realize they’re brain-dead and operating under some strange random firing sequence, so, rather than just say they were FOS for a few decades, they’ve come up with four reasons the war over climate change is lost ….. sadz…. 😦

Four reasons why the fight against climate change is likely to fail

Democrats in the Senate stayed up all night talking about the perils of climate change. But while there’s hope that technology, changing consumer and business practices or new policies could finally turn the tide and slow or reverse climate change, there are also good reasons to think those efforts will fail.

  1. There isn’t enough research and…

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