Pelosi Continues Grand Dem Tradition …. Channels Reid And Booker!!!

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Pelosi : GOP Friend Told Me Republicans Don’t Care About Really Hungry Children

She’s says a “Republican friend” told her that her that he told the Republican caucus “these people are you’re talking about are invisible, and the Republican caucus is indifferent to them.” “These people”, being a reference to the unemployed with really hungry children.

Oh, sure Nancy, I’m certain Repubs share their evil secrets with you, often. I can totally see this happening. Nancy P: …. “Why are you Repubs so mean and aren’t extending the unemployment benefits?” Secret Repub friend: ….”Because, Nancy, we hate people and children and want them to starve to death. Why do you ask?”

Totally realistic story, Nancy.

What is it about the Dems who believe they have to invent imaginary people to try to tell stories? Why do they feel compelled to lie all of the time? Even if there was a…

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