LSM In Serious Spin Cycle Re Latest US Economic News …….

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I got a kick out of this. The mind of an ardent leftist must be a very bizarre place to be.

US wholesaler sales fall 1.9 percent in January

Now, those familiar with such metrics would know that this isn’t just significant, it’s drastic. The last time we saw a drop like that was in the deepest part of the recession.

Now, watch this spin ……

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. wholesale businesses in January suffered their steepest sales drop in nearly five years, yet they continued to increase their stockpiles.

Wholesalers boosted stockpiles 0.6 percent in January from December, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. Rising stockpiles boost economic growth because they reflect increased production at factories, a sign that wholesalers anticipate a stronger economy.

Well, yes, it could mean that. Or, it could be a typical leftist difficulty with tenses.

Here’s what I know. No one expected a 1.9%…

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