Pop Quiz!!!! What Did Joe Miller Do Wrong? Where Was He Wrong?

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This stuff hurts my head. One day, I’ll have a readership large enough for people like Joe Miller to read, so he won’t get caught in this stuff.

So, Miller is a Repub hopeful for the Alaska Senate seat that’s up for grabs this year. It’s held by a Dem. Miller lost his last run to Repub Lisa Murkowski. It was a strange race. Miller won the Repub nomination over Murkowski, but, she won in the general election with a write-in campaign. Miller’s at it, again. So, he gives an interview ……

“Absolutely moronic”: Inside the mind of a Tea Party Senate candidate

Well, yes, it’s a loaded question asking where Miller was wrong. The answer to that question is subjective. The interview isn’t all that long and an easy read. But, what he did wrong is less subjective and by experience of others and probably himself, he shouldn’t have…

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