The Importance Of Sea Ice Albedo Demonstrated!!!!

suyts space

Well, heck, for completeness with the snow post I thought I’d throw in a snippet about our sea ice. As noted, when measuring our ice from the anomalous high point in the early 80s (nearly all ice graphs start at 1979) we’ve lost a bit of ice, a little more than a million sq km, or about 5% over the last 35 years, which IMHO isn’t significant. I once noted that all of this exchange of energy, solar to the earth and the IR back out all takes place at the speed of light and that the effects should be immediate if this stuff mattered any. Well, I was taken to task and informed that it takes years to the energy to move through the system. …… uh, huh. That’s because heat lays dormant all the time. Global warming heat is lazy compared to all the other forms of heat…

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