Music Post!!! Americana For Real!

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Recently, I’ve been reading some things which still in my crawl a bit. The obsession of past harms divided up by races or ethnicities seems to be clouding the reality of American history. Yes, many had it bad and even worse than others. But, let’s not pretend that hardship, poverty, and class warfare was confined to certain types of people in the US.

So, yesterday, I saw this.

Last straw. Black people weren’t the only ones picking cotton. Neither were they the only ones indebted and indentured in permanent bondage to the land. True, it wasn’t exactly the same, but, it wasn’t much different, either. Indeed, even years later, we still had people getting paid in company scrip to buy stuff at the company store for a life time of indebtedness, exploitation, and peonage.

And, so, a couple of songs come to mind ….

Roy Clark doesn’t get the credit…

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