Breaking!!!!! Changes In Snow Cover Demonstrating Climate Change!!!!!!

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Well, we’ve another month of snow cover data, and boy howdy!!!! Things are really changing!!!

Most often, we hear form the climate lunatics that global warming is causing the end of snow and it spells disaster for ski industry. Other times, they tell us climate change means we’ll have more snow. This is because, of course, they don’t know WTF they’re babbling about.

Another fun thing to note about this is from time to time the climate lunatics pretend to be all sciency and come up with calculations about how the drop in the arctic ice spells doom for the world because of the loss of albedo. (For the climate novice, “albedo” is a fancy sciency term for the earth’s reflectivity of the sun’s light). Almost never do we see those calculations include the Southern Hemisphere’s sea ice, and I’ve never seen one include snow cover. It’s like they pretend…

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