Apparently, We’ve Decided That We’ll No Longer Keep Criminals Out Of Our Country …. New Directives For Border Agents!!!!

suyts space


Well, what’s the point of their existence?

Apparently, there are new directives for our border agents. (pdf). And, the person issuing the directive needs to be arrested and tried for treason. And, if people find capital punishment palatable, then he needs to be put away for life, or forced to endure stoning to see if he can survive it.

From the pdf …..


What’s regrettable? Sure, I’m sorry that 10 malicious potentially murderous scumbags got killed. I wish they hadn’t threatened the lives of our law enforcement officers. If they hadn’t, they’d still be alive.

Look, these are people who are showing and demonstrating utter contempt and disregard for our laws and even the lives of our law enforcement people. These are people with guns and badges. If they don’t think twice about harming and potentially killing them, then what regard would they have for an average citizen here?…

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