Zero’s Brilliant Energy And Economic Plan Coming To Fruition!!!!

suyts space


Well, I haven’t visited our friends at the EIA for a while, so I thought I’d pop by and see how Zero is doing with his magical economic and energy policies.

First, let’s look at a prime indicator of an economy. That is, energy use. If an economy is truly expanding, it will use more energy in all sectors. Industrial growth, naturally, occurs with an expanding industry. They should be demanding more energy to produce more, and to do more. Also, in response, the residential use should also increase if wealth is expanding. More workers in the industrial base equates to more money in the pocket of the people. This also, in turn, increases the commercial energy use at the various stores and shops. More people with money equates to more real spending. I like looking at electric generation because it avoids the traps of tracking cash. Now, the governments…

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