You Know What Animal Hears Dog Whistles? ………..

suyts space


Well, the leftards are at it, again. Well, they’ve never stopped.

You know who hears racist remarks when no one else can?



Because, when she thinks of snake charmers, naturally she thinks of black people ……..

Luckily, she provides an explanation …..

Well, those are her own words, and, yes, they are meaningful towards the thought process of Mzzz. Cox.

I think she needs professional help. But, I also believe she’s hampered by a disease in which there is not cure for. Racism is a form of sociopathy, and you can’t cure that.

It’s beyond ironic that the left can never see president Zero as simply a president. He will always carry that asterisk by his name as far as the left is concerned. Apparently, it is impossible for them to see him simply as a person, rather than the color of his skin.

I’m fairly certain even many…

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