HuffPo Continues To Mis-Inform Their Readers …… Claim To Debunk The Notion Zerocare Will Cause An Increase In PT Employment!!

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I once thought of making a daily post exposing the print version of MSNBC’s (HuffPo’s) lies and willful misinformation to their readers, but, I soon discovered that I’d be too busy worrying about a dying organization, so I opted not to. Still, at times, they irked the heck out of me, so I feel obliged to expose their propaganda and lies. Today, they had a doosie! Front page stuff!!!

On their front page, they link to the article with this …….

Which, of course, I had to read, because I’m certain the GOP doesn’t have a “main” argument against Zerocare, but, rather, hold up Zerocare as it’s argument against itself in every thing Zero told us it would deliver. So, what was the GOP’s supposed “main” argument? Oh, that Zerocare will cause a dramatic increase in part-time employment. Here’s the actual title ….

No, Obamacare Isn’t Turning America Into A…

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