Gems 2014 — March 7 Scripture Selection: Acts 11

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March 7 Scripture Selection: Acts 11

Food for Thought: Acts 11:27-30

This is an example of the church at its finest: people filled with the Spirit and hearing messages from God, forewarning them of things to come so that they would take action before and during any crisis. The natural outpouring of love, the fruit of the Spirit, compelled the believers of the early Church to respond to the call and send aid to those in need, especially the brothers and sisters in Christ who were affected by the famine. This was, and still is, normal, selfless behavior of the believers in Jesus Christ.

Throughout history, it has been the believers who have stepped up and sacrificed money, time, and effort with no regard for their own well-being. They’ve comforted the victims of tragedies; they’ve rebuilt homes and entire cities; they’ve fed the hungry and brought relief to the sick…

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