Breaking!!! Team Zero Says They’re Not Tracking How Many Uninsured Are Signing Up For Zerocare!!!!

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HHS Doesn’t Know How Many Uninsured Are Signing Up for Obamacare

There’s a lot we don’t know about how Obamacare enrollment is going. Apparently that’s also true even within the Obama administration.

Gary Cohen, the soon-to-be-former director of the main implementation office at the Health and Human Services Department, stopped by an insurance industry conference Thursday to offer an update on enrollment. The main points were familiar: People are signing up (about 4 million have picked a plan so far), and the administration is going all out to promote Obamacare over the last few weeks of the enrollment window.

But Cohen didn’t have much more to offer insurers—who need this to work just as much as the White House—on some of the biggest unknowns about the law’s progress:

How many uninsured people are signing up?

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the health care law will reduce the number of…

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