Shock News!!!! 38% Of Americans Are Brain Dead!!!

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Crash: Obama Approval on Approval Plummets to 33 Percent in Ugly New Poll

(1) Obama’s overall approval/disapproval hit an all-time low in the series at (38/54), with just 28 percent of independents, 39 percent of women, and 38 percent of young voters approving of his job performance.

(2) The president earns dreadful marks on every issue polled: (36/58) on the economy, (36/59) on healthcare, and (33/56) on foreign policy — a startling new low. I can’t imagine why people are so unimpressed.

(3) Question: “Do you think the country is better off than it was five years ago, or not?” Answer: No — by a 26-point margin (34/60). Oof.

(4) This next round is especially punishing. Respondents were asked whether the Obama administration has largely succeeded or failed at the following tasks:

Making the country safer: (41/48)

Improving America’s image in the world: (33/59), a huge rebuke.

Improving healthcare: (36/57)

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