Salon Wonders Why So Many New ADHD Diagnosis …… We May Have Found A Contributing Factor …..

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Well, this is half-joking/half-serious. I should probably dig a bit deeper into this, but, I think this truly may be a contributing factor.

Salon has this story from a while back ….

The truth about ADHD: Over-diagnosis linked to cause championed by Michelle Rhee

Here’s some excerpts …..

There has been a lot of public agonizing lately about the steep rise in diagnoses of ADHD over the last two decades. There is growing, and justifiable, worry that a lot of kids are being put on stimulant medications who don’t need them. …..

Blame has been directed at parents, for being so poor at discipline that they reach for a pill to make unruly kids settle down. Teachers are blamed for being so inept at maintaining order that they want students medicated into submission. Psychiatrists are blamed for being the pawns of drug companies peddling ADHD meds. But blaming doesn’t explain…

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