The Test Case That Failed To Be A Test Case? Romeikes To Stay In The US?

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I’ve written about this before, so I thought I’d give the latest, perhaps the last chapter of this story.

Briefly, the Romeikes are a Christian German family who sought to home-school their children. In Germany, that’s verboten. So, they came to the US. To Morristown, Tenn., in 2008 after facing fines and threats for refusing to send their kids to a state-approved school in Germany, which is required by law in that country. If the Romeikes had stayed in Germany, they risked losing custody of their children. They sought asylum based on religious persecution, and were granted it by the US.

However, team Zero decided to appeal the decision in 2010, and won. So, the Romeikes appealed the appellate decision. But, the US Supreme court decided not to hear the case, which allows the last decision to stand, while not making any particular statement about the constitutionality of the decision.

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