Remember The Budget Of 2009? TARP And The Stimulus Bill Included? Captain Frugal Wants To Spend $500 Billion More Than That!!! End Of Austerity!!!

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Prior to 2009, the US Federal Government never spent $3 Trillion in a year. FY2009 was marked with the TARP bank bailouts and Zero’s stimulus package.

Well, he’s submitted another budget, late, as usual. And, he wants to spend $4 trillion, now.

For the fifth time in six years, Barack Obama missed his budget deadline — and for the sixth time in six years, the spending blueprint he eventually produced never comes close to balancing. The Washington Postpreviewed Obama’s budget last month, noting that the White House would peddle it as an end to America’s “era of austerity.” …..

President Obama is the “undisputed debt king,” having added more than $6 trillion to the nation’s red ink since taking office in 2009. In his first campaign, Obama called President Bush “unpatriotic” for amassing more than $4 trillion in gross national debt over two full terms…

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