Oh, Well, It’s A Good Thing Breitbart Was Directing Resources To Attack Conservative Pat Roberts While This Was Going On In Iowa ….. Idiots

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I’m convinced there’s a leftard involved in these decisions. A few weeks ago and on more than a couple occasions, Breitbart was directing attention, and thus resources, towards the Kansas senate primaries, seemingly backing an unwinnable effort to unseat a fine conservative, Senator Pat Roberts.

Meanwhile, nearly a stones throw away, we see this unfolding in Iowa ….


A wealthy businessman with a strikingly liberal record is out to an early lead in the June 3 Iowa GOP senate primary.

Former energy executive Mark And in a new campaign ad he says one of the best things about a strong economy is that it would provide the federal government more tax revenue.

Nice, so how much money did Breitbart direct to the unwinnable races against Roberts and McConnell, while this was going on? How much energy and effort has volunteers given which could have…

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