I Don’t Think Autonomous Means The Same Thing To Me As It Does Vlad …..

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It appears that Russia has taken control of Crimea without firing a shot, and is referring to it as the “Autonomous Republic of Crimea,” presumably with the intention of making it a puppet state of Moscow.

Definition of autonomous (adj)

Bing Dictionary

  • au·ton·o·mous
  • [ aw tónnəməss ]
  1. self-governing: politically independent and self-governing
  2. able to choose: able to make decisions and act on them as a free and independent moral agent
  3. self-sufficient: existing, reacting, or developing as an independent, self-regulating organism

I don’t believe autonomous typically is accompanied with foreign national troops occupying the nation. But, maybe that’s just me and an errant connotation.

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