Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Minimum!! And Some Notable Trends!!

suyts space

So, I missed some fun yesterday. Apparently, the Southern Hemisphere sea ice minimum has been called. It’s the second most, evuh!!!! Well, at least in the last 35 years, according to the crazies who concern themselves with such stuff.

I find it hilarious that the lunatics concern themselves only with the Northern Hemisphere, but, attach the word “Global” to their notions.

52 days into this year, and the SH hits it minimum. Now, I haven’t done the full analysis on the SH as I did in the NH in rebut to Dr. Stroeve, but, I can tell you that the date achieved for the minimum is trending earlier in the year.


For those with math difficulties, it’s averaging more than 3 days earlier than when it used to happen. Longer melt seasons, indeed.

As stated earlier, we see that the minimum was the second highest for the data set…

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