March 1 Scripture Selection: Acts 8:1-25

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March 1 Scripture Selection: Acts 8:1-25

Food for Thought: Acts 8:14-17

The book of Acts is quite interesting in the many ways it presents the topic of the Holy Spirit. It shows that there is not just one way, one “formula,” or one particular protocol for this walk in faith and receiving the Holy Spirit. That’s why it’s important to not limit our thinking to one way of doing things or to one type of experience being the only authentic one.

Notice here that Philip preached salvation to the Samaritans, and they believed. Of course, the Holy Spirit had to be involved in that, or they would not have been able to come into the faith. They were even baptized in water. And yet, the apostles saw that there was more for them. So they prayed that they might receive the Holy Ghost, and they did. There must have been…

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