WH Clarifies!!!! It’s Not An Invasion!!!!! It’s An “Uncontested Arrival”!!!! ….. And, Other Inanity!!!

suyts space



Meanwhile, in a small break from their regularly constantly scheduled programming on grievances, MSNBC gives everyone a geography lesson ……


No word from the nation of East Germany on how the feel about their neighbors reuniting.

in the meantime, Lurch, the man who would have been president, announces …


Russia ready to help Ukraine’s economy: Kerry

If by help, you mean dissolving the nation and absorbing it back into a Russian state and thus erasing all of the sovereign debt of the Ukraine, then, yeh, they’re prolly ready to “help”.

See? It’s not an invasion!!! It’s on uncontested arrival by people providing “economic” help!!!

It’s rumored that after the Ukraine they’ll help out the people of Czechoslovakia, just like the good times of the past!!!

Oh, yes. Good times, good times……..



The world kinda sat back and watched that one, too. Even though it was a contested arrival.

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