HuffPo Unable To Make Parallels And Comparisons!!!

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I suppose this was meant to shame us, or something. But, I also suppose it never occurs to her to understand why we’re not a 3rd or 2nd world nation, or why we don’t have the problems other nations and areas do.

Look at this stupidity!!!!!

This Chart Just How Miserably America Is Failing On Climate Change

Don’t get me wrong. I think our government is failing the people on the issue. But, not as much as other nations. Kathleen Miles is crying because the US hasn’t passed any flagship legislation to combat “climate change”. Right, I’m all for passing laws banning inter-glacial periods.

America is passing the buck when it comes to climate change.

The United States is the second-worst polluter in the world, after China, and its only “flagship” climate change law is more than 50 years old, according to the Globe Climate Legislation Study released Thursday. Meanwhile…

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