Shock News!!!! GISS Is Doing It Wrong!!!! …… Still

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So Lat alerts us to three new papers find most of the alleged global warming since 1850 is artificial, with is heralded by The Hockey Stick.

But, I like to go to the source.

The read is fairly easy going, albeit, very lengthy. Much of it is very introductory. So, it may be pretty mundane for us climate warriors. It’s probably best to start here for many of us.

  1. Urbanization bias I. Is it a negligible problem for global temperature estimates? – Ronan Connolly & Michael Connolly, 2014a
  2. Urbanization bias II. An assessment of the NASA GISS urbanization adjustment method – Ronan Connolly & Michael Connolly, 2014b
  3. Urbanization bias III. Estimating the extent of bias in the Historical Climatology Network datasets – Ronan Connolly & Michael Connolly, 2014c

Take your pick. For the papers themselves, I chose to look at #2. It’s a total of 31 pages. This is…

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