CBS Pronounces The End Of Snow!!! Doom For Winter Sports!!! Shills Alarmist’s New Book!!!!

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Well, you don’t expect honest and informed reporting, do you?

From News Busters …….

CHARLIE ROSE: The Sochi Olympics suffered some of the most extreme weather of any winter games. Athletes faced fog, rain and temperatures in the 60s. Research predicts that could become the new reality at ski resorts around the world. As Don Dahler reports, the author of a controversial book believes winter sports could be doomed.

DON DAHLER: Porter Fox loves to ski. He’s been shushing down slopes since he was two. The features editor of Powder magazine has skied on five continents and says everywhere he’s traveled there has been less and less snow.

PORTER FOX (Powder magazine writer and editor): We’ve lost a million square miles of snow cover in the spring in the last 47 years.


FOX: Half of the 103 resorts in the north east likely will not be able to stay…

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