Gems 2014 — February 22 Scripture Selection: Acts 3

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

February 22 Scripture Selection: Acts 3

Food for Thought: Acts 3:6, 12, 16

The name of Jesus still has the same power that worked for the apostles that day in front of the temple. It will always contain that power! Notice that Peter was quick to acknowledge that the healing of that cripple had nothing to do with Peter’s own power and ability or holiness, but God’s. He reemphasizes in verse sixteen that the name of Jesus, through faith in His name, was what made that man strong and gave him “perfect soundness.” (The man must have been born with some type of deformity, which was repaired in an instant.)

Notice that Peter, in his explanation to those who were in wonder of this miracle, tied it all to Jesus, His death and resurrection, and the Gospel of the Blessing which God intended for all…

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