Shock News!!!! Government Wants To Censure News!!!!

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If you haven’t seen this, …. well, you’re not paying attention. It’s all over everywhere.

Critics want FCC media study thrown on ‘trash heap,’ skeptical of changes

You can read the details at the link. Look, we all know, that is the people on the left and the right, that this is a horrible road to go down. I won’t bother listing the reasons why this could lead to this …..


But, I would take a moment and ask, how is it that our government thinks it’s okay to pursue this course of action?

Well, surely there are some on the right who can share the blame, but, mostly it comes from the lunatics on the left. Their unwillingness to engage, and the actual calls for censorship (Hush Rush, equal time, purge skeptics) all of this gives our government implicit permission to do censor our information outlets, and to attempt…

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