Yes, You Lunatics, Instead Of Dredging, You Should Go Ahead And Get Started …… Lunatics Prep For The End Of The World!!!!!

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Is it time to join the ‘preppers’? How to survive the climate-change apocalypse

The floods and storms that have wreaked havoc across Britain this winter could be just the beginning, and now a growing number of people are making preparations for the end of the modern world. Here’s what you’ll need to do to stand a chance

This is a nice glimpse into the mind of a nutter …….. they’re afraid of everything!!!

It’s unlikely that these floods will be the last such catastrophe, or the worst. Climate scientists expect bigger and more frequent extreme weather events throughout the coming century – not just wind and rain, but droughts as well. could also offer dire threats to civilisation as we know it. ……..

I’ll be sure to sound the “all clear” signal!!!!!

When the moment comes, however, you may not have much warning, so it is important to keep…

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